Beep Beep! Discount Terms and Conditions – last updated 14 Dec 2023

Beep Beep! discount applies to fares paid by cash or card only
Offer valid from November 2023.

Discount 40% off eligible on fares up to £25 and a max of £10

  • Example: If fare is set at £20.00, the discount would be £8.00 leaving the final fare the customer pays as £9.60
  • Example: If the fare is set at £30.00, the discount would be £10.00 (the max amount) leaving the final fare the customer pays as £20.00 (Set Fare price is an estimated price based distance , route and waiting time as per the Edinburgh Council Tariff Table.

The Edinburgh Council Tariff Table can be found here: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/download/13448/taxi-fare-table


  • Excludes Friday 12pm to Sunday 6pm
  • Excludes pickup at Edinburgh Airport and Waverly Station pick up zone
  • Excludes 6 -, 7- and 8-Seater bookings.
  • Excludes Christmas and New Year Period (from 6pm 24th December to 6am 27th December and from 6pm 31st December to 23:59 2nd January)
  • Excludes Extras – Airport drop off fee – call out charge or per person charge.
  • At times of excess demand in geographical areas, the pricing algorithm may change effectively reducing the level of discount applied to the fare.


The level of discount is subject the change without prior consultation but will be updated on this site.
All fares will be correct at time of booking.
All fares will be fixed though may vary due to time and day
No surges means there is no unexpected charges during the fare or due to unforeseen circumstances.
Excludes account work.